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Enchant customers and streamline workflows 
with our customized chatbots.

Hi, I’m an AI bot programmed by F8 for Catholic Answers

The Face of your Company: empathetic, reliable, futuristic!

Deliver a memorable experience

Make the most of the latest technologies


Enchant your customers with your own Disney-like 3D character, form lasting connections


Unburden your customer facing teams, 
pre-screen which interactions need human hands.

Offer 24/7 support

Provide round-the-clock answers to your customers, no call centers needed.


From 1 to 1,000,000 customers, our system supports your journey


Gain customer preference insights by reviewing call transcripts individually or in aggregate summaries


Receive e-mails and calendar invites for video calls directly from the AI Chatbot

Used by multitudes
Trusted by PhDs

Enchanted customers = Higher conversion

Our AI Chatbot engages with your visitors, understands their needs, promotes your business and helps you follow up with hyper-personalized emails. It is your best sales + customer service agent who lives on your website, working 24/7

Hi, I’m an AI bot programmed by F8 for Catholic Answers

Case study #1 - Teaching religion

Catholic Answers, a website with 1+ million monthly visitors, had at one point 60,000 unanswered visitor questions. Their brand, reputation, and revenues are 100% reliant on accurate, complex, timely answers to deep theological and moral questions.
We created a 3D Character with an AI brain, ‘Father Hal’.

The virtual priest, after being approved by a group of PhDs in Theology, is now available to Catholic Answers’ visitors.

The project took only 3 months from start to public launch. 
Our client decided to ‘double down’ and we’re building version 2.0.

Case study #2 - Whatsapp marketing

‘Maira’, our bot, responded in 150,000 interactions with Portuguese-speaking Whatsapp users in two continents.

The project goal was to assess how a marketing campaign would fare across a varied audience and especially within chat groups (mostly composed of families, friendship circles, and small local organizations).

Major insights from this project include a clear definition of CAC (customer acquistion costs) for a variety of products as well as the predisposition of certain demographics to purchase these items.


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Our chatbot solutions are highly customizable to suit your specific business needs. Whether you require industry-specific features, personalized conversational scripts, unique 3D animations, or integration with existing systems, our team works closely with you to tailor the chatbot to your unique requirements.

There are several types of bots, and one will fit your business like a glove: voice-only bots, text-only bots for your website or social media platforms (e.g. Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack), 3D or 2D animated characters, bots that transcribe and analyze your customer service calls, as well as bots for internal use-only to expedite employee queries and research.

Yes! And the use cases are endless: from a bot that reads job candidates CVs to save your HR department time, to bots that give step-by-step installation & troubleshooting instructions to your product buyers. From bots that go over your financial documents history, to bots that summarize and evaluate sales calls.

Our approach is Incremental: we ship a first working version very quickly, we let it be tested by your organization to prove its value, and then we build more and more upon that foundation, reaching more and more users. The incremental process is very creative and we often discover that new unexpected features are opportune, adding great value, features not yet conceived by other companies.

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